Available Tasks

TaskPriorityExpected DurationAssignee
Adding an option of the full identity verification of operating systems used for distributed task execution on provided clusters highpractice, 1-1.5 monthsopen
Using specialized tools for BM@N data processing on multicore platforms and parallel data processing on GPUs:
  - checking the multithreaded mode of Geant 4 in the last FairSoft/FairRoot versionabove-high practice, 1-1.5 montsSPBU
  - implementation of Geant4 multithreaded mode in BmnRoot: all detectors must inherit from FairRoot CloneModuleaveragepractice, 2 monthSPBU
  - PROOF package of the ROOT software for parallel processing of experiment event treesaveragediploma, 6 monthsSPBU
  - investigating the capabilities of the ROOT 6 environment for parallel data processing: RDataFrame, TBuffferMerger ...lowdiploma, 6 monthopen
  - studying the capabilities of the Geant4 – CUDA package for parallel transportation of particle tracks during simulationlowdiploma, 6 monthsopen
Study and test of modern distributed systems for Big Data processing (and file storages) in BmnRoot of the BM@N experiment at NICA
  - distributed system of the ATLAS experiment – PanDAhighdiploma, 1-2 yearsOleynik Danila, Petrosyan Artem
  - DIRAC management systemaveragediploma, 1 yearopen
  - ALFA package of the FAIR collaborationaveragediploma, 1 yearopen
  - using the Hadoop frameworkbelow lowdiploma, 6-12 monthopen
Creation of distributed mock data processing for the BM@N experiment. Testing the mock data challenge on current multiprocessor systemaveragediploma, 6 monthsopen
Creation of a complete methodology for evaluating the performance of existing multiprocessor systems: NICA cluster, HybriLIT, Govorun, LIT CICC
   -using LINPACK synthetic tests to evaluate performance of single nodes and entire clusters;
   - using SPEC synthetic tests to evaluate performance of single nodes and entire clusters;
   - taking estimated network bandwidth (during data transfer) into account for the methodology;
   - addition of read/write speed of access to the distributed data storages to the methodology;
   - investigation and development of “real” tests to evaluate the performance of experiment data processing in the BmnRoot environment.
lowdiploma, 6-12 monthsopen
Implementation of the Docker for the BmnRoot softwarelowdiploma, 3-6 monthsBalashov Nikita
Search and profiling of time-consuming operations in simulation and event reconstruction in BmnRoot, parallelizing "long" functions with OpenMP, MPI, CUDA/OpenCL toolsbelow lowdiploma, 6-12 monthsopen
Task Priority Expected DurationAssignee
Improvement of the existing event display based on the EVE package of ROOT 6:
  - visualization of calorimeter towers in dependence on particle energy losseshighpractice/diploma, 2-6 monthsopen
  - adding (simulated and experimental) data for all detectors in the current configurations of the BM@N setup to the event displayhighpractice/diploma, 2-6 monthsopen
  - colouring the geometry of the detectors and particle tracks depending on their typeshighpractice/diploma, 2-6 monthsopen
  - creation of filters for visualization of particle tracks by particle types, energies, etc.averagepractice/diploma, 2-6 monthsopen
  - displaying coordinates of track points, type of particles, parent and child trackslowdiploma, 6 monthsopen
Development of the visualization system for graphical representation of events in the on-going experiment in online mode (Online Event Display): implementation of an algorithm for transferring "raw" event data using the DDS (Dynamic Deployment System) and FairMQ systems; implementation of the algorithm for continuous visualization of running eventshighdiploma, 6-12 monthsopen
Development of a training course on working with the event display of the BM@N experimentlowdiploma, 6-12 monthsMIPT
Analysis of the current state of visualization systems in high-energy physics experiments. Development of a system for visualizing particle collision events and detector geometries as a Web servicelowdiploma, 1-2 yearsMIPT
Analysis of the current state of visualization systems in high-energy physics experiments. Development of a system for visualizing particle collision events and detector geometry in a virtual reality system, e.g. Unitylowdiploma, 1-2 yearsMIPT
Task Priority Expected DurationAssignee
Migrating the existing Unified Database from PostgreSQL 8 to 11highdiploma, 6 monthsopen
Selection and deployment of an experiment File Catalog for files with simulated and experimental data, e.g. RUCIOhighdiploma, 6-12 monthsopen
Implementing new functions to work with TTimeStamp type in ROOT 6: MySQL, Oracle, SQLiteaveragediploma, 4-6 monthsopen
Improvement of the existing web-interface for the developed Unified Database of the BM@N experiment. Adding to the Web interface the possibility to start distributed processing of selected filesaveragediploma, 6-12 monthsOleynik Danila, Petrosyan Artem
Development of Web monitoring for the experiment database using the Grafana packagelowdiploma, 6 monthsopen
Development of a graphical tool for transferring existing data of the experiment in a text and tabular format (list) to the databaselowdiploma, 6 monthsopen
Studying the modern databases in high-energy physics experiments. Selection and evaluation of the use of a modern NOSQL database (e.g. Apache Cassandra) to store data of the BM@N experimentlowdiploma, 6-12 monthsopen
Task Priority Expected DurationAssignee
Testing the distributed execution of BM@N tasks on the Govorun Supercomputer, adding examples of distributed runshighpractice, 1.5 monthsopen
Adding the ability to set the dependency not only on separate subtasks, but also on the entire taskaveragepractice, 2 monthsopen
Extending the possibility of merging resulting files: the ability to combine the results into one filelowpractice, 2 monthsopen
Obtaining JSON-description for a list of simulated and experimental files from the database in accordance with the given selection criteria and implementing the possibility of acceptation of an input file list for processing in the form of the JSON descriptionlowdiploma, 6 monthopen
Task Priority Expected DurationAssignee
Development of a Web interface for displaying BM@N data from the database of slow control system – Tangohighdiploma, 6 monthsMIPT
Development of MPD-Scheduler interfaces for the distributed processing of files with experimental datahighdiploma, 6 months
  - cross-platform GUI application;MIPT
  - Web interface of MPD-Scheduler.MIPT
Task Priority Expected DurationAssignee
Track reconstruction in the GEM detectors of the BM@N experiment using the GenFit packageaveragediploma, 1 yearopen
Adaptation of L1 tracking (CBM) to Run 7 data of the BM@N experiment and add it to the BmnRoot reconstruction macro with conversion to the approved formatopen
Implementing BM@N data analysis on the identification and ratio estimation of charged kaons to pions (horn).open
Task PriorityExpected DurationAssignee
Searching and correcting error and warning messages in BmnRoot simulation and reconstructionhighpractice, 2 monthsopen
Searching and correcting memory leaks in BmnRoot simulation and reconstructioaveragediploma, 6 monthsopen

contact person: Konstantin Gertsenberger ( gertsen@jinr.ru )