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MICC Services

Meshcheryakov Laboratory of Information Technologies provides users (having SSO account) with a set of the IT services.

JINR Cloud provides users with virtual machines on-demand powered by the OpenNebula platform. It allows using public network interfaces for internet access or private for JINR local network only. Virtual Machines on the JINR Cloud can be used by software developers to develop, test and debug apps in various environments; system administrators to host IT systems and virtual computing environments or to test and study specifics of installation and operation of new apps or updates; general users to employ them as personal remote machines for anything.
The Web-interface of the JINR Cloud is located at, where login with standard JINR account is used. The detailed information can be found at MICC portal, OpenNebula documentation, Internals insight in GRID’21 talk, and support — at and

Personal Cloud (Disk) Storage located at is a Dropbox alternative based on NextCloud. It allows storing and sharing any user files and has clients for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS systems. 50 GB of the storage are allocated for users by default, but can be increased on request. In additon, it provides online editing for collaborative documents. The support for the Personal Disk Storage is also provided at

The IT services of the Laboratory of Information Technologies were also presented on the 8th BM@N Collaboration Meeting here.