10th BM@N Collaboration Meeting (14–19 May, 2023)

10th BM@N Collaboration Meeting (14–19 May, 2023)

The Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), Dubna, together with St Petersburg University (SPbU), St Petersburg, organized the 10th Collaboration meeting of the BM@N experiment at the NICA facility from 14 to 19 May 2023 in St Petersburg, Russia.

The focus of the meeting was on the reconstruction and identification of strange particles, analysis of event topologies of Xe+Cs interactions collected during the xenon physics run of the BM@N experiment. The physics analysis of previously collected argon-nucleus interactions was also considered.
The physics program and experimental set-up in the next BM@N experimental run were discussed.

Organizational issues of the BM@N Collaboration were discussed at the separate IB Meeting on 15 May.

To find the reports and video of the talks, please follow the link: https://indico.jinr.ru/event/3531/.

For any question, you can contact Natalia Molokanova (Natalia.molokanova@jinr.ru), Vlada Kutergina (kutergina@jinr.ru).