9th BM@N Collaboration Meeting (13–16 September, 2022)

9th BM@N Collaboration Meeting (13–16 September, 2022)

The 9th Collaboration Meeting of the BM@N experiment at the NICA Facility took place in Dubna, Russia, at the V.I. Veksler and A.M. Baldin Laboratory of High Energy Physics (VBLHEP) of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in a mixed format, in person and remotely.

It was a four-day meeting with three days devoted to plenary and parallel sessions at VBLHEP JINR and one day devoted to the software session and collaboration barbeque at the JINR Tourist Base “Lipnya” on Lipnya Island in Ivankovo Reservoir (https://tplipnja.jinr.ru).

The focus of the meeting was on the completion of the experimental set-up for the future heavy-ion physics program. The plans for the BM@N next experimental runs were discussed. The status of data analysis of strange particle and nucleus fragment production in carbon and argon beams was reviewed.

Organizational issues of the BM@N Collaboration were discussed at a separate IB Meeting on 13 September.

To find the reports and video of the talks, please follow the link:  https://indico.jinr.ru/e/9BMN_meeting.

For any question, you can contact Natalia Molokanova (Natalia.molokanova@jinr.ru), Vlada Kutergina (kutergina@jinr.ru).